The following programs are what we offer at Confidential Help for Alcohol and Drugs. Click the links below to learn more about the individual programs.


The agency provides comprehensive substance abuse evaluations for individuals who are in need of assessing their treatment needs. This service is salso available to a veriety of agencies/programs who require the above as part of their programming needs (Drug Court, courts, DDP, PINS, DWI, etc.)

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Family Education/Support Program

The Family Program is designed for those individuals who are seeking more information about chemical dependency/alcoholism or who are affected and concerned about someone's drinking or substance use. The goal of this program is to help individuals gain an increased understanding of the disease of chemical dependency/alcoholism and how it affects family/friends. Participants have an opportunity to become more aware of personal feelings and behavior resulting from living with someone who has the problem. An introduction to Al-Anon as a support group is included. Individual counseling is available as part of this program.

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Adolescent Education Program.

The Adolescent program is designed to assist teens in understanding the nature of alcohol and substance abuse/dependency via education and information. The purpose is to help teens understand the effects that alcohol and/or substance abuse has on their lives. An open forum gives the teens an opportunity to share and express feelings in a safe environment. This program allows for an ongoing evaluation and appropriate referral for treatment if indicated.

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Education Therapy Program

This program is intended to educate those who have experienced problems in their life as a direct result of their alcohol/substance abuse. The Program is a minimum of 14 weeks in duration with treatment goals of increasing the awareness of chemical dependency / alcoholism; introduction tp self-help groups (AA/NA); and the encouragement of self-assessment. This is a non-intensive program which meets one time per week for one and a half hours per session. There are AM and PM groups available.

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Relapse Prevention Program

This program is designed to address the needs of those with previous treatment experience and relapse. The intent is to provide relapse prevention support as a component to intensive treatment, to those clients who live in a supportive environment and may be seeking to remain employed. Relapse Prevention assists participants in evaluating their previous recovery experiences so that they may learn from them and build an evne stronger sober support system and recovery program for ongoing sobriety. Relapse Prevention strongly encourages that each individual establish a sober support system such as AA, NA, or a program of their choice.

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School Based Prevention Program

The Drug Awareness Resource Training (D. A. R. T. ) program is a prevention program designed to meet the needs of school aged youth in grades K through six. Booster lessons are also available to middle schools with the focus on grade seven. The service is designed to match the developmental needs and learning styles of all the children.

The main focus is to reinforce the following:

  1. resiliency
  2. life skills
  3. health choices
  4. personal responsibility
  5. use of family as a positive support

The program also is a resource for administrators and teachers on issues related to substance abuse prevention. Alcohol and substance use/abuse are presented as health issues. The main setting for the program is the classroom in all rural elementary schools in Cayuga County. The prevention staff also provides information to parents via school-based open houses and health fairs. The staff is also involved with several prevention coalitions and comittees.

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School Based Intervention Program (Adolescent)

The intervention program is also intended to provide assessments and one-to-one counseling to "at risk" youth in selected Cayuga County middle and high schools. The services are provided on site and are short term. The service will also provide crisis and referral services on a limited basis.

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Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Adolescent IOP Program is designed to help teens with the following issues:

All teens are assigned a primary counselor with whom they recieve individual counseling and develop appropriate treatment goals. Parents are also asked to be involved through family sessions. Teens who cannot maintain abstinence after a reasonable time in the program are generally referred to inpatient treatment.

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Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Adult IOP Program is designed for individuals who need treatment for the disease of chemical dependency/alcoholism and do not require the structure or medical care of an inpatient treatment setting. This program is appropriate for those completing an inpatient program with an aftercare referral for intensive outpatient treatment. The intent of this service is to keep people at home if it is supportive and maintain their employment while recieving outpatient treatment that is intensive. It also allows those in treatment to set up a support system in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). This program is offered for either daytime or evening hours with gender specific groups available. These groups meet two or three times per week in conjunction with Education Therapy for 1.5 to 3 hours per session.

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Individual Counseling

The outpatient counseling program at the agency offers ivdividualized treatment based on the needs derived from the evaluation process. Often individual counseling will be used as an adjunct to the group process. In cases where the appropriate group is not available, individual counseling sessions will be recommended. The use of individual counseling is the primary treatment mode for young children and significant others.

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Crisis Services

The agency will provide the following crisis related services during its normal operating business hours:

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Medication Assisted Therapy

This program has two components available to C.H.A.D. patients engaged in outpatient treatment:

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Mental Health

Patients are assessed by a Board certified Physician when mental health issues present in early recovery and throughout treatment. Medication may be prescribed and monitored by regular visits with the physician throughout the course of Outpatient Treatment. Compliance with Outpatient Treatment reccomendation is required to participate in this program

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Soboxone Therapy

Patients with a history of Opiate addiction and previous attempts at treatment may be assessed by our Physician to determine if they are appropriate for Suboxone Therapy. Frequency of medication/assessment visits is determined by the physician. Consistent compliance with Outpatient Treatment reccomendations is required to participate in this program.

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Cayuga County Jail Services

The agency provides a counselor to the Cayuga County Jail whose main focus is to work with those who are incarcerated with an alcohol and/or substance abuse problem. The counselor consults with local attorneys and judges to obtain intakes and referrals for the purpose of assisting placement in an appropriate inpatient setting. The counselor will also see inmates whose families have requested services. All services are connected to the main agency for supervision and for facilitating communication with attorneys, judges, family members, probation, etc.

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Cayuga County Jail Program

The services are basic assessment and screening for substance abuse/dependency with the intent to facilitate the referral to the indicated level of care such as outpatient, inpatient or detoxification. Local judges, attorneys, and family members utilize the service. If you wish to request the program, please call or write the agency, which in turn will instruct the jail counselor to seek out the inmate to gether the necessary information.

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